Holiday The Hustla
Holiday The Hustla
Emerging from the soulful city of Memphis, TN, comes this musically inclined emcee, Holiday the Hustla. Born and raised in the legendary town of Orange Mound, Holiday admits to his music being influenced by the likes of DJ Squeaky and Eightball and MJG. Nicknamed Holiday by a childhood friend, the alias of "Penny" was taken on to pay homage to his city. Holiday proclaims, "I remember watching Penny put on for the city and feeling proud. I'm just trying to return the feeling through this music."

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Bobby Hustle
To understand Bobby Hustle, youll have to understand the origins of this Seattle, Washington native. Bringing reggae to a city known for Hendrix, Nirvana and the grunge alike, Bobby reminds the masses that Seattle has room for reggae. Representing S...

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Hip Hop
Circus TK
Circus TK bio coming soon!...

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Hip Hop
Delirious, DT or Delirious Type but Delirious for the most part. I am a San Diego native but represent the west coast in my songs. Some of my major influences are J Cole, Wiz, Fabolous, Drake, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, and Currency. I am currently working on...

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Hip Hop
Dolla Bill
Dolla Bill (born September, 8th 1980) is an American rapper, unsigned and independent. Born in Peoria, Illinois, Dolla Bill moved to New Port Richey, Florida at the age of 2. He then moved back to Peoria, Illinois at the age of 10. Dolla Bill ended u...

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Harbor Point
Harbor Point is a power trio that is bringing back tasteful,simple and melodic music without the overkill of a six man band. We can't be put in a genre of music and we refuse to be stereotyped. Our songs have an eclectic mix of many different influen...

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Hip Hop
Kasinova Tha Don
I was born March 23 1987 in the city of Newark New Jersey. I discovered my love for music at the age of 13. Being raised by my single mother of six in a one bedroom apartment coming up in poverty. Then I knew it was time for peace.

After ...

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Hip Hop
Kool John
Kool John bio coming soon!...

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Hip Hop
Kruza Kid
One of the most original, creative, positive lyrical painters coming out of Colorado. Inspired by so many, my boundaries are limitless. NO BOUNDARIES!!!! Reppin M.H.S.M. so hard, with so much amazing electronic music emerging from this scene I feel ...

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Hip Hop
Lil Bing
Lil Bing bio coming soon!...

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Hip Hop
M Dot Brando
M Dot Brando, truly gifted and blessed with a talent for music; has remained as one of San Franciscos best kept secret. Outspoken and direct with his lyrics, his steelo captures the urban streets of San Francisco and has always remained true to his ...

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Hip Hop
Nick James
Nick James bio coming soon!...

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Hip Hop
Phil Maggio
Hip hop, art, and all things good....

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Skee Town Stylee
This 3-piece takes the best vibes of the lakeshore, chills them out and grinds them up into what Summer sounds like. It's beaches, beer and weed; it's a Long Beach-meets-Midwest sound. Skee-Town Stylee has been bringing their liquid reggae-dub groove...

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Hip Hop
Tas bio coming soon!...

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